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Welcome to the New US Vote Website!

Introducing US Vote's enhanced, personalized voter experience

Are you ready for a new and improved voting experience?

US Vote’s newly launched website offers that and more. With a site that is optimized for mobile devices and updated to include new charts and services, we are ready to help you cast your ballot in the 2022 midterm elections!


Meet the new Voter Account

The feature and functionality we are proudest to introduce is the new, upgraded Voter Account dashboard, which offers you a personalized voter experience. When you arrive on our site you are invited to log into your Voter Account or to create one in a few simple steps.

woman at desk creating her voter account
  • If you’d prefer to pass this by, you can do that too! But we’d love for you to experience a voting experience unlike any other. You’ll find that your Voter Account will make it so much easier to find the data you need.

  • As you personalize your account, it will display the information relevant to you – be that your local election office’s contact details, upcoming election dates, and deadlines in your state, or your state’s voter information – including ID requirements, eligibility, and more.

  • Additionally, you’ll find your state’s voting tools and quick service to reprint voter registration or absentee ballot request forms. We have now also included a voter registration check, a new service we are very excited about!

  • You can check your voter registration status right on the website and we also give you the direct link to your state’s service so you can double-check your registration. In fact, that’s one of the first things you might want to try out on the website.


Fully optimized for mobile devices

At last - what we have been waiting for! US Vote is now easy to use on mobile devices. We have paid specific attention to the menus and how we handle the many choices you now have on the site. You'll find the navigation easy and helpful.

And we can't wait till you experience the newly upgraded Voter Account on your device. This is what a personalized, in-your-pocket voting experience was meant to be!

We invite you to access the US Vote site from your computer or mobile device, where you can now enjoy a newly optimized experience. Enjoy your Voter Account from anywhere!

US Vote on mobile device

Charts and tools to cut the confusion

As a voter, you probably know how confusing voting in the US and from abroad can be. We aspire to make the process as easy and efficient as possible and believe that our new website is getting us that much closer to this goal.

  • The Voter Services menu we added gives you an excellent overview of all the information we can offer you. It’s a great way to explore the new website – and take charge of your own voting experience!

  • Our Ballot Return Options Chart will have you ready to cast an absentee ballot in no time.

  • Check out the Early Voting Dates Chart and find out when you can cast your ballot in person, before Election Day.

  • If you are an absentee voter, be sure to check out the Where's My Ballot Chart. It provides you with a direct link to your state's ballot tracking service.

  • There are even more charts and services that we've put together to answer your questions faster. Find them all on the Voter Services menu.

  • The state-by-state Voting Rights Restoration section was created specifically to help Americans vote after a  conviction. This is part of our "special circumstances" program effort, which continues to expand.
US Vote's Ballot Return Options chart

New stuff!

Don't we all love it?!

Our many charts and services are excellent tools, whether you’re only looking for a quick answer or want to learn more about the differences in state voting legislation. Feel free to try out every item on the Voter Services menu!

Additional new services we are happy to present to you are the Am I Registered? tool and the Polling Place Finder, which – as you may guess – help you to answer key voting questions. These new tools join the most comprehensive set of voter resources ever brought forward on one site. We invite you to enjoy the experience.


Visit our New Voter Help Desk and Send Us Your Questions!

US Vote's long-standing, successful Voter Help Desk service has also been updated. What has not changed, however, is the good part: the desk is powered by a staff of agents - real people to answer your questions personally. No voter situation is the same as the other. US Vote brings this level of personal service to the Voter Help Desk and ultimately, to you!

As before, our Voter Help Desk is always open to answering your questions or providing additional assistance should you need it. To provide an even better experience, we will soon launch a live chat and a hotline to complement the already proven FAQ library and Questions Submission offering.

Whether you are a US-based domestic or overseas or military voter, you will find your question answered on the US Vote Voter Help Desk. If not, reach out to our Voter Help Desk team any time by submitting your question – we can’t wait to help you out and will get back to you within 24 hours.

Voter Help Desk FAQ Listing

Continuing to refine the site

As with any new website, launching new features and services is a dynamic process and we are still refining the final details.

Should you encounter any technical difficulties, please do not hesitate to inform us via the Voter Help Desk.

We welcome your feedback! After all, this website was designed to make voting easier for you.We are very excited about the new website and hope you love it as much as we do!


Message from the US Vote President and CEO

"I want this voter experience to be so good that voters realize they should have had it all along! This is a knock-your-socks-off website that takes the voting process to another level.

Why and how, you may ask? Through the Voter Account. It's a voting dashboard that personalizes your voter experience like nothing you've experienced before," those are the words of US Vote's President and CEO, before the foundation's recent technical development process began.

And now, with the vision realized, we are pleased to say that the new 2022 website is launched and the enhanced voter experience is yours to explore. Enjoy!