Voter Journey Map graphic with hands reaching up to How to Vote in America

The New US.VOTE Civic Engagement Platform Introduces the Voter Journey Map

You are invited to take a Voter Journey!

The Voter Journey Map tool transforms the process of figuring out "how to vote" from a complex and confusing process into an enjoyable experience. Creating your Voter Journey Map will benefit you with becoming both informed and equipped to cast your ballot in the upcoming election.

The Voter Journey Map: The Signature Voter Engagement Campaign of US.VOTE

It's not easy to vote in America. Every state has it's own rules around voting. From that standpoint, it's like 50 countries versus 50 states! This is the pain point that the Voter Journey Map relieves. It helps voters like you navigate the rules and procedures of voting in your state. With this new, interactive tool you can take a Voter Journey and create a personalized Voter Journey Map to take away with you.

The 2024 General Election takes place on November 5th and you may have wondered if (and how!) you could vote in this upcoming election. We've got you covered. Start with door number one to the Voter Journey Map.

“How to vote” has been re-invented. Experience's new, innovative, one-of-a-kind Voter Journey Map tool today!

Create Your Voter Journey Map!


U.S. Vote Foundation, has worked for two decades on the development of tools and services for domestic, overseas and military voters.

“The Voter Journey Map takes the tedious and static list of how-to-vote or plan-your-vote steps that so many websites offer and remakes it into a dynamic process with real value. No more guesswork, no more jargon. The Voter Journey Map transmits the “how to vote” instructions to individual voters for their specific needs. We recommend the Voter Journey Map as your first step to voting whether domestic, overseas or military voting,” said Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat, President and CEO, U.S. Vote Foundation.

The Voter Journey Map is now available on the new site, which is dedicated to bringing forth new civic engagement campaigns designed to close the eligible voter turnout gap.