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The My Voter Account (MVA) application is designed to help you cultivate your ‘personal democracy’. Using our Voter Account service, you can maintain a single account throughout your life and stay up to date with voting requirements, state voting laws and local election information all in one place. No more searching - you find it all in your account.

A Voter Account will return value to you for your voting effort. It informs you personally about upcoming election dates and deadlines, how to contact your election official, who your elected officials are, and what candidates are running for office in your state. 

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Are you wondering: "Can I Vote Absentee?"

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Your voice matters - your vote counts. Don't let the fact that you might not be able to get to the polls stop you from voting. Make it easy with absentee voting! Get your ballot sent to your mailbox and access the convenience of 'vote-by-mail' starting today.

Use the CIVA widget to answer to the question – Can I Vote Absentee? and then access your state's absentee ballot request form. Try it now with the live widget on this page - select your state and you're on your way!

Embed the widget in your own site, post a link to the widget on your social media pages, or read more: www.usvotefoundation.org/can-i-vote-absentee

Press Releases

Volunteer for the Voter Help Desk!

US Vote Foundation is seeking qualified volunteers to help staff our Voter Help Desk. Ideal candidates will have an interest in helping absentee and military voters participate in federal elections.

If you have a strong interest in voting and elections coupled with skills in technical and creative writing and customer support/service, you will excel in this role and gain invaluable experience. Candidates with experience studying or practicing political science, law, civics, and government are particularly well-suited.


It's Midterm Election Season - Register & Request Your Ballot Today!

Welcome to the 2014 midterm election season! The primaries are underway! Are you registered? Will you cast your vote? Did you know that midterms can be as crucial as presidential elections and that both are considered “general elections”?

Recent Developments in Absentee and Early Voting

Representative Susan Davis (D-CA), a featured keynote speaker at OVF and US Vote’s 2014 Eighth Annual Voting and Elections Summit, recently filed a bill in Congress aimed at lessening restrictions on absentee voting. The bill would mandate no-excuse absentee voting in all federal elections. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 27 states and the District of Columbia allow this provision, while 20 states only accept absentee ballots if detailed excuses are submitted.

Three states - Washington, Oregon, and Colorado - allow for all-mail voting. Representative Davis argues that invasive excuse requirements do not prevent fraud. Rather, she states “They are really just getting in the way. They have a real chilling effect.”