Where's My Ballot?

Where's my Ballot? Check your State's Ballot Tracker.

Many states have tools available for voters to check the status of their ballot. We've hyperlinked below to take you directly to your state's ballot tracking service.

If your state does not have a ballot tracking service, you should check for one on your Local Election Office website listed in the Address Section of the Election Official Directory.


State Ballot Tracking Notes
Alabama X  
Alaska X  
Arizona X  
Arkansas X  
California X  
Colorado X


Connecticut X  
Delaware X  
District of Columbia X  
Florida X  
Georgia X  
Hawaii X  
Idaho X  
Illinois   Ballot tracking may be offered at county level
Indiana X  
Iowa X  
Kansas X  
Kentucky X  
Louisiana X  
Maine X  
Maryland X  
Massachusetts X  
Michigan X  
Minnesota X  
Mississippi   No ballot tracking offered
Missouri   No ballot tracking offered
Montana X  
Nebraska X  
Nevada X  
New Hampshire X  
New Jersey X  
New Mexico X  
New York City X This ballot tracker is for NYC ballots only.
New York State X This ballot tracker is for NY overseas and military ballots.
North Carolina X  
North Dakota X  
Ohio X  
Oklahoma X  
Oregon X  
Pennsylvania X  
Rhode Island X  
South Carolina X  
South Dakota X  
Tennessee X  
Texas X  This ballot tracker is for overseas and military ballots only.
Utah X  
Vermont X  
Virginia X  
Washington X  
West Virginia X  
Wisconsin X  
Wyoming   Ballot tracking may be offered at county level