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About the U.S. Vote Foundation Election Dates and Deadlines Tool

U.S. Vote Foundation (US Vote) provides voters with relevant dates and deadlines regarding upcoming elections in every state of the United States. These dates include registration deadlines, absentee ballot deadlines, and early voting options, presented through our Election Dates and Deadlines listing. The tool is easy to use, and accessible to all. 

For voters deciding to register to vote, request a ballot or any other voting action, awareness of the deadlines for any single election can make the difference between casting a ballot, or not. The Election Dates and Deadlines listing provides a valuable resource for  voters through its presentation of core voting actions that must occur by certain dates prior to an election.

US Vote is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that aims to increase voter participation in U.S. elections. Our  Election Dates and Deadlines service supports our mission, Every Citizen is a Voter, and is one of US Vote’s most valuable services.

Functionality of the Election Dates and Deadlines Tool

One of the most useful features of the Election Dates and Deadlines tool is that it displays a comprehensive list of all the different deadlines for every type of voting action. There are many different deadlines associated with the election process, such as voter registration deadlines, deadlines for requesting absentee ballots, and deadlines for returning absentee ballots. And there are often several different deadlines for a specific voting action, depending on how it is executed. US Vote tracks all these deadlines, ensuring that voters have the relevant information they need to participate in the election.

How to Use the Election Dates and Deadlines Tool

To access the Election Dates and Deadlines data, users simply need to choose their state from the drop-down menu on the entry screen. Once the user selects their state, they are presented with a list of upcoming elections, categorized by level - either Federal / State, or Local / Municipal. Voters can see when the next local election will take place, as well as anticipate the date of upcoming primaries and general elections on Midterm and Presidential election years.

The Election Dates and Deadlines Tool offers voters a complete view of the various different deadlines associated with each election. This includes not only the election date itself, but also the registration deadlines and the date ranges for in-person absentee and early voting. This information is presented in an easy-to-read format, making it easier for voters to plan their participation in the voting process.

US Vote’s Voter Alerts Proactively Inform Voters of Election Dates and Deadlines

In addition to providing information about upcoming elections and deadlines, US Vote also offers voters the ability to create a Voter Account and sign up for Voter Alerts. The Voter Alerts service sends voters customized reminders about upcoming election dates and deadlines via email. This service is useful for every voter. Voter Alerts remind voters of important deadlines and help voters to stay informed of key dates in the voting process.

US Vote’s Commitment

Our organization works hard to identify and maintain the information on upcoming elections across the US. Only official sources are used in our data curation process. If voters or election officials know of an election that is not yet listed on our website, they are invited to submit the information directly to our data team through our Voter Help Desk. 

US Vote is committed to ensuring that every eligible voter in the United States has the information they need to participate in the democratic process through voting. The Election Dates and Deadlines tool is just one of the many resources we offer to achieve this goal. By providing comprehensive information about upcoming elections, registration deadlines, and absentee and early voting options, US Vote helps to ensure that all eligible voters can make informed decisions and have their voices heard through their votes.