Overseas Voting / Vote from Abroad

Voting Abroad is Simple - US Vote Infographic

Did you know - as an American, you carry your right to vote wherever you may be in the world?

3 Quick Steps to Register as an Overseas Voter and Request Your Absentee Ballot


Click on the "Register/Request Ballot" main menu and select "Overseas Absentee Ballot."


Enter your information into the system and then DOWNLOAD, PRINT and SIGN the form.


Send your signed form to your election office address, which you will find in the instructions that print with the form. Many states allow you to send the form electronically.

Note, you MUST file the overseas voter registration/ballot request form, even if you are already registered to vote as a domestic voter in the US. This one form will register you and request your overseas ballot - simultaneously!


HELPFUL HINTS for voting from abroad

Follow Up. About two weeks after mailing the registration/ballot request, check your registration status to see if your application was accepted. Go to the "Am I Registered to Vote” tool to check your registration status with your state. You can also call your local election office in the US. Look them up in the Election Office Contact Information tool.

You have options. Depending on your state, you may be able to transmit your Voter Registration/Ballot Request online, by mail, fax or email. You can see your options right here on the US Vote site. Go to “State Voter Information,” click the Overseas Voter tab, enter your state and county, and choose “Voter Materials Transmission Options.”

Paper is Better. If you live in a region with good mail service, we recommend receiving and returning your ballot by mail - not only because it is more secure, but because it’s already printed and comes with a pre-printed ballot return envelope. You can select this option when you complete your Voter Registration/Ballot Request form.

Find Your Date. Every state has different deadlines for ballot request, registration, and return. Check yours now! Go to the “Election Dates and Deadlines” listing, choose your state and click on the Overseas Voter tab.

Questions? Need Help? We are here for you! Consult our quick guide Overseas Voting FAQ or visit our Voter Help Desk to see our in-depth Overseas Voting knowledge base and pose any questions you may have. Our agents are standing by to personally answer your questions.