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Your Voter Account is your personal democracy dashboard


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As the premier service of US Vote, we believe that every voter should have a Voter Account to manage their personal democracy. It is a tool designed to support life-long civic engagement with voting as a central action.

every citizen is a voter blue badge
  • Instantly generate a voter registration or absentee ballot request form
  • Manage your personal Democracy Profile
  • Easily find your election office and contact details
  • Check your voter registration status
  • See your election dates and deadlines
  • Confirm your voter registration status
  • Find your polling place
  • Tailor your Voter Alert subscription
  • Get help from the Voter Help Desk
  • ... and more!

The Voter Account service is designed to help you cultivate your 'personal democracy'. It moves with you and informs you as a voter.

You can maintain a single Voter Account throughout your life and stay up to date and active as a voter with the state voter information and voter services you need - all in one place. No more searching - you find it all in your account.

A Voter Account will return value to you for your voting effort.

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