State Voting Requirements & Information

Quick Take on Voting in My State

About the U.S. Vote Foundation's State Voter Information tool

U.S. Vote Foundation's State Voter Information tool is an online resource that provides valuable information on a wide range of voting topics according to each state's specific laws and regulations. This tool presents information for all voters types, including domestic, overseas, and military voters. It is designed to be a quick and comprehensive guide to help voters participate in elections at all levels.

The State Voter Information tool covers a range of topics, starting with general information about the different ways people can vote in each state. This includes early voting, mail-in voting, and in-person voting options. The tool lists information on identification requirements and options, such as requested and required forms of ID, and what to do in the event that you do not have an acceptable form of ID.

Key Features

An important feature of the State Voter Information tool is its focus on eligibility for all voters, including students and formerly incarcerated persons. Each state has its own laws and regulations on voter eligibility, and this tool makes it easy for voters to understand their rights and responsibilities. For example, in some states, individuals with felony convictions may not be sure if they are eligible to vote, and students may not know if they should vote locally, or by absentee ballot. The tool provides information on each state's specific laws regarding these issues.

Voter Materials Transmission Options

In addition to eligibility, the State Voter Information tool also provides information on voter materials transmission options. This includes all the different ways you can send and receive voting documents like registration, ballot requests and voted ballots to and from your election office. This is especially important for overseas and military voters, and voters with disabilities, who may want to use electronic options to send and receive voting materials. 

State Voter Tools

In addition, the State Voter Information tool lists state-specific voting tools, which are direct links to the pertinent voting services that voters seek from their states. This section of the tool makes it easy for voters to identify the range of online services provided directly by their state. Voters can view and access links to their state’s online voter registration, drop box locations, sample ballot information, ballot tracking, and more.

Clarifying the Voting Process

U.S. Vote Foundation's State Voter Information tool is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to vote the United States. By providing state-specific information on voting methods, eligibility, and transmission options, the tool ensures that voters have the information they need to participate in the electoral process. It is especially important for those who may face barriers to traditional voting methods, as well as those who may be unsure of their eligibility to vote. The tool makes the rules around the voting process more accessible and transparent, encouraging voter participation.