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Our Overseas Vote website has been reinvented to approach voting from abroad in a fresh, new way. Voters will benefit from a clear and informative presentation of the U.S. overseas voting program and how it works.

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The benefits of voting as an overseas or military voter have long been buried deep in the technicalities of the program. Now these important features that every overseas voter should know about have been unearthed and put forward in a clear and comprehensive way.

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Vital for all voters abroad is to know where they can go for the accurate and specific overseas voter services. You need to be able to rely on the information you receive as an overseas voter as correct and up-to-date. That's what the new Overseas Vote site can bring to you.

At last, myths about voting from abroad are dispelled! And a simple step-by-step guide to overseas voting is presented - with voters in mind.

How to Vote from Abroad? What is the Overseas Voting Process?


The deep legacy knowledge that U.S. Vote Foundation has garnered over 20 years of working to assist overseas and military voters is captured in the pages presented to voters on the new Overseas Vote site.

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At last, the Overseas Vote Story is told. How Overseas Vote was founded and how it developed over the years.

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The Overseas Vote Blog is back! Here you will find news and information about overseas and military voting that is valuable and interesting to you - enjoy!

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