Every Voter Deserves Safe and Secure Ballot Access

U.S. Vote Foundation Launches Action Campaign - Calls on Voters to Speak Out About Access to Vote-by-Mail Ballots

No one is untouched by the current public health crisis. No one knows how long this will go on, or how it might transform itself and us. Each one of us, everyday, is personally faced with our challenge and responsibility to carrry on and to plan ahead.

But we do know that in the face of this crisis, Election Day 2020 is coming. What might seem eons away for some, is tomorrow for those who must prepare for it. We already know, that to make it safe to vote, we all need the option of a paper ballot that we can complete in our own home and mail back securely.

The amount of money allocated in the Phase III Stimulus Package to election preparednes in the face of this crisis was a fraction of what is needed. Tremendous time and effort is required to bolster the absentee vote-by-mail ballot processes around the country for what may be the largest General Election of our time. Preparations include defining new policies, purchasing equipment, printing, and increasing human resources, among other things. In a normal situation, what our election administrators are being asked to do this year would be done over five years.

This means - It's Time for Action.

Here's what you can do:

  • Write to your congressperson/s to express your opinion on absentee vote-by-mail ballot access and ask for their immediate support to pass the requisite legislation with full funding.
  • Complete and send in your ballot request for the General Election as early as possible. No last minute anything. Our Local Election Officials are the dedicated public servants that do the hard work of running our elections. We must inform them early and spare them the extra work and stress of last minute ballot requests. US Vote offers every state-specific ballot request - complete the form online, download, print, sign and mail it into your election office now.
  • Offer help to your neighbors, your friends, your community to request their absentee vote-by-mail ballot. Tell them about U.S. Vote Foundation and encourage them to act early.
  • Volunteer to help your Local Election Office to cope with the extra work. They will very likely lose key staff who are elderly and vulnerable. You can help to make up the difference! Consult US Vote's Election Official Directory for contact details.

Call for Contributions: Help U.S. Vote Foundation bring more ballots to more voters during this current public health crisis.

This election year, US Vote is in a vital position. We have the technology and the tools that will help voters access ballots and safely participate. In 2020, the difference between getting an absentee vote-by-mail ballot, or not, will be the critical factor for voter participation. We are working now to build the capacity and communications to reach more voters than ever.

Our 2020 Vision, "Every Citizen is a Voter", has expanded to:
Every Citizen is a Voter and Every Voter Deserves Safe and Secure Ballot Access

US Vote and our Overseas Vote initiative provide online tools so U.S. citizens living anywhere in the world can register to vote and request their vote-by-mail absentee ballot using state-specific voter forms. No other organization has the range of applicable services for all voter types in all states and territories that is so vital at this time.

Your contribution makes a difference! Millions of voters rely on US Vote, Overseas Vote and our extended network for voter services and information - and this year, even more need our help. To respond, we need yours.

As a nonpartisan, not-for-profit, civic organization, we rely on donations from engaged citizens like you. Please donate now and consider making it a recurring donation to give it even greater impact and help us to sustain our operations.

Our work to develop and maintain voter technology and data never stops. Recurring donations give US Vote a reliable foundation to count on—letting us go beyond daily operations to plan for the future.

Please donate!

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U.S. Vote Foundation (US Vote) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to assisting U.S. citizens and uniformed services members and their families to register and request their ballots from anywhere in the world. Overseas Vote is an initiative of U.S. Vote Foundation. Your support is deeply appreciated.