US Vote Announcement for New Voter Help Desk

Check Out the New Voter Help Desk

Is there a question standing between you and voting?

Do I still have time to register to vote? Where do I send my voting forms? How do I vote from abroad? These are all very real questions that keep voters like you from voting.... or not! Because getting a personal answer can be the one thing it takes to help you move forward.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to know how a caucus works or need contact information for your local election office. Will you be traveling on Election Day and need assistance requesting an absentee ballot for this year’s election?

We have the answer to these questions and over 100 more ready-to-go immediate answers in our FAQ library. At our new and improved Voter Help Desk, you will interact with LIVE AGENTS waiting to answer queries you might have. Our team thrives on helping voters with every question. Our motto: no voting question is too small, or too big: We Answer!

At the U.S. Vote Foundation Voter Help Desk, you can take advantage of assistance through our robust FAQ database, a 24/7 email ticket response system and a live agent chat feature. We offer our content in both English and Spanish and have tailored our questions to include all voting groups – new voters, military, citizens abroad, students, disabled individuals, etc.