Absentee Voting IS Voting  - US Vote Ad Campaign image

US Vote Launches New Midterm Election 2022 Outreach Campaign

We are closing in for the final month prior to the Midterm Election 2022 with a major push across all social media platforms including an exciting new ad campaign.

Designed specifically to counter disinformation and confusion about absentee voting. This campaign comes right out and calls it like it is with the bold and clear statement that is needed in these times of "TMI" and that is: Absentee Voting is Voting.

US Vote worked together with Culture One World to develop this campaign over several months. We examined voting trends across the states and looked at states that support absentee voting, but where vote-by-mail participation is not at the level it could be. These include Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Ohio, and Wisconsin. All of these states allow absentee voting without any special excuse. All of these states have large elderly populations, and large caretaker populations - groups that often truly need to vote from home.

US Vote's services are ideal for people who need voting options. Whether you are traveling or living abroad, in the military, formerly incarcerated, coping with disabilities - or working like crazy, dealing with kids plus work, unable to take time off to go to the polling place, or for any other reason, US Vote is here for you. We invite you to explore our services and Request Your Ballot today!

US Vote Ad - Don't be Absent Vote Absentee