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Primary election season is underway! And the November Midterm General Election will be here before you know it.  Many voted using a vote-by-mail ballot last election, due to the pandemic, but in-person voting remains an important option for upcoming elections in 2022. Many states expanded in-person...

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Our message of thanks to Election Heroes across the nation

Today, U.S. Vote Foundation and Overseas Vote would like to recognize each and every one of the Election Officials across the country. 

Thank you for your devotion, commitment, and engagement in your critically important jobs. We...


Register to vote and request your absentee ballot now to vote from home in both the 2022 midterm primaries and general elections.

Primary election season has begun, and many states are about to hold elections! That means, it’s time to act now to make sure your vote counts in the upcoming primary...

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North Carolina’s primary elections are right around the corner - on Tuesday, May 17th!

Primaries are vitally important. This year in the primary election you will choose the political candidates that will run for Congress in the November 2022 congressional midterm election.

Let's aim to blow...

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Learn about the 5 types of primaries and which type is implemented in your state

Primary season is upon us, and given the election’s complexity, voters should review the rules before casting ballots. Check your state’s primary election schedule  and register to vote today to make sure you don’t...

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Why Your Vote Matters for Congressional Primaries - Make it Count!

Let's think of spring this year as a fresh start for our democracy. Primary elections have just begun and the pace is about to pick up. Over the next several months, voters in each state will decide which political candidates will...

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The Texas state primary election is right around the corner on Tuesday, March 1st!

Primaries are vitally important. Typically, less than 25% percent of eligible Texas voters typically participate in their primaries. Be the exception - is your opportunity! Choosing a good candidate is a crucial...


By Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat, President and CEO, U.S. Vote Foundation and Overseas Vote

Would you like to vote on your smartphone? No lines, no waiting, no issue! I have to admit, like everyone else, I would love to try out smartphone voting. BUT.

That's right. BUT. Over the years I've learned...

mobilize for midterms

One of my favorite sayings is, "There's always another election around the corner...". Indeed, here we are in another election year and it's time to get going. Midterm Mobilization is underway at U.S. Vote Foundation and Overseas Vote.

Congressional Primary Elections are coming up in all states...