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US.VOTE launches on Election Day, November 7, 2023 - also considered the first day of the 2024 Election Season.

US.VOTE is born from the legacy of U.S. Vote Foundation and Overseas Vote, with over two decades of proven excellence in voter services. US.VOTE, however, will have a new and special purpose. It will be dedicated to the development of better, broader, more inclusive voter outreach and engagement campaigns.

The idea is to answer the questions that stand between voters and voting, what U.S. Vote Foundation identifies as the "Can I vote if...?" and "How do I vote...?" questions.

With US.VOTE, the foundation aims to speak to many more voters that they would not otherwise engage. US.VOTE is about how to re-imagine and revitalize the voting experience. It will mark a new era in voter communications and assistance.

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According to Rutgers University, though, 14% of voters with disabilities had difficulty voting in 2022, which is more than three times the rate of voters without disabilities.

As project manager of Indiana Disability Rights’ (IDR) voting rights initiatives, one of the best parts of my job is providing technical assistance to election administrators like you. The aim of these efforts is not only to help you understand basic legal requirements, but also how your efforts to minimize barriers positively impact voters’ experience.

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Sadly, natural disasters can happen at any time, anywhere in the United States. Fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. can leave unsuspecting communities turned upside down. During these incredibly difficult times, citizens typically band together and focus on their safety and providing basic needs for one another.

An election might not be someone’s top priority if they were recently involved in a disaster, however there are several simple ways to cast your ballot when life has thrown you a curve ball and voting on Election Day at your polling place is not an option.

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Featuring four state-wide elections with significant implications for that state. If you are a voter in VA, PA, KY, or MS, has done the research for you and has prepared non-partisan informational guides for your upcoming election.

Learn about the candidates and topics affecting you and make a plan to vote in your next local election!

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U.S. Vote Foundation Answers Your Top 2024 Election Preparation Questions

Just as television commercials for school supplies encroach on the last joy-filled days of summer, Presidential General Election cycles are now commencing earlier and earlier. Or perhaps like a steady drumbeat, they never...

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Before voters go to the polls in a General Election to elect the next president of the United States, they are given the opportunity to assist the major political parties in deciding who will be their nominated candidate via primary election or caucus.

Choosing the best candidate to be the nominee of the party is considered the first step to winning an election. It’s crucial to get this right, which is why primary elections are vitally important. Here's a sneak preview chart of primary and caucus dates for all states and territories!

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Our nation faces a pivotal period in regard to election administration. As the 2024 elections approach, the country is grappling with a multitude of issues that have put a strain on election officials. Many election officials are resigning and leaving behind a void of valuable legacy knowledge.

This blog explores the significance of US Vote tracking and maintaining detailed election data and our role in fostering benefits for the election community.

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One administrative change that could significantly affect election turnout at all levels, and that already has bipartisan support, is election consolidation.

Evidence is mounting that not only does election consolidation improve turnout in local elections – either by 8 to 18 percentage points, depending on the election, midterm or presidential, or even up to 50 percentage points – but it also boosts national turnout in state and federal elections.

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“The most important election that nobody’s ever heard of,”[1] is how this year’s election for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice is being described. The race will deliver a judge who will preside over cases as consequential as abortion rights and redistricting.

Considered by some as the number one controversial issue of the moment, abortion rights would be enough to drive attention to this election. The additional issue of redistricting in this crucial swing state means the next Supreme Court Justice of Wisconsin may find themselves under a very bright spotlight. And more than once.