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My Voter Story and How I Got to Know My Voter Account

Before having kids, I was a proud voter who made sure to get to the polls for every election. No matter how large or small the office up for election, I looked forward to having my voice be heard by casting my vote. Later, as a mom with two young kids, I maintained my good intentions of voting, but sometimes responsibilities with the kids got in the way, or I would lose track of the process, or I was simply too exhausted to make voting a priority.

To get back to carrying out my civic duty more regularly, I was going to need some help. But, what was that going to be? As a first step, I decided to search through the voting information on my state’s election website. While I found a lot of information, much of it was unclear and confusing. There seemed inconsistencies with the information posted, and deadlines that had already passed. After 20 minutes of searching my state’s election site, I turned off my iPad and called it quits. I wondered how different I was from my peers seeking out voting information.

The voting process varies from state to state. An unfortunate result of the inability to utilize the information on states’ election websites is that it leads to voters dropping out of the process and ultimately lower-than-desired turnout.

Statement about state website usability

The very next day I received a Voter Alert email from U.S. Vote Foundation notifying me of an upcoming election and the associated deadlines. This was exactly what I was looking for! The email went on to talk about how I could save my information in a “Voter Account” for future use. This had me very intrigued – hmmm… a Voter Account. I continued to learn that the Voter Account is a platform for civic engagement, unique to U.S. Vote Foundation: a personal democracy dashboard that helps you keep voting even with an overly busy life.


Create Your Voter Account Today!


Here are some exciting details about the Voter Account:

  • To create a Voter Account, you simply enter your voting address and optional profile information into the application.
  • Your Voter Account will give you instant access to the full range of personalized information and services you need to become an active voter.
  • You can access your Voter Account on your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer—whenever and however you need it.
  • Voter Accounts are private and password protected. Only the account owner has access to their contact information, forms, and activity.
  • Voter accounts work for all voter types – Domestic, Overseas, and Military voters, too.
  • With a Voter Account, you no longer have to conduct multiple searches and scan through dozens of websites to access voter services and reliable, relevant information!
  • The Voter Account allows you to access all of US Vote’s state-of-the-art services in one location.
  • With one visit to your Voter Account, you can access tools prepopulated with your election and voting information that allow you to confirm your registration status, find dates and deadlines for upcoming elections, learn about your state’s voting guidelines, find contact information for your local election office, and register and request your absentee ballots.
  • You can also subscribe to receive Voter Alert emails about upcoming elections, complete with registration and ballot request deadlines!

The Voter Account was exactly the tool I was looking for. I now had the personalized information I needed to vote in upcoming elections organized for me in one place. I also made sure to opt-in for voter alerts so I would never miss another deadline!

Never go down a rabbit hole looking for election information again. Your U.S. Vote Foundation Voter Account has everything you need on your personal democracy dashboard. To create yours now, click on the Voter Account button at the top right-hand corner of this screen and choose "Create Account."