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U.S. Vote Foundation Proudly Delivers Ethical Standards for Election Administration Report for Bipartisan Working Group

U.S. Vote Foundation (US Vote) is honored to play a role in delivering a pivotal report on Ethical Standards for Election Administration to all U.S. election officials on behalf of the Bipartisan Working Group, as well as to make the report available to the public on our website.

Download the Ethical Standards for Election Administration Report

In 2022, The American Law Institute facilitated the formation of the Bipartisan Working Group, a diverse group of leaders  who set out to create a proposed set of Ethical Standards for Election Administration. The group has now issued its recommendations, offering a clear articulation of the role of ethical standards in guiding the conduct of elections. The report emerges amid a time of contentious debates about our voting system, helping to focus us back to the ethical standards that build confidence in the democratic process.

See the Bipartisan Working Group Issues Ethical Standards for Election Administration Press Release from the American Law Institute

The issued report includes seven core principles for adoption by the profession, including adherence to the law, protection of the election process's integrity, promotion of transparency, impartial treatment of all participants, demonstration of personal integrity, practice of the highest level of ethics and stewardship, and the advancement of professional excellence.

Delivering the report is important for US Vote, as we consider our work supporting election officials, voters, and the broader election community. We are pleased to be able to facilitate the distribution of this report, ensuring that it reaches those who need it most.

US Vote actively maintains the nation's best directory of election official offices and contact information. US Vote's Election Official Directory is considered the gold standard for election official contact data, trusted and licensed by our nation’s top voter outreach organizations. It plays a crucial role in supporting voter registration and ballot request application processes, reinforcing our commitment to provide accurate, reliable, and up-to-date civic data.

We invite you to explore the report on our website and join us in our ongoing mission to empower voters and fortify the foundation of democracy.