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Absentee Ballot Request for US-based and Overseas Voters Abroad, Election Dates / Deadlines, and How to Vote in your State

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Check your state's voter eligibility and ID requirements, ways to vote, voting tools and more:

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US domestic voters, overseas and military voters — you can all register and request a ballot with US Vote.

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Get election reminders for your state's upcoming elections. See your election dates and deadlines.

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Check to see if you are registered to vote in your state, and connect directly to your state's voter registration lookup service.

Voting Rights Restoration

If you've lost your voting rights, you can restore your right to vote in every state. Click on your state to find out your status and next steps to restoring your voting rights.

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US Vote offers actionable answers to domestic voter questions and overseas voter issues. Our help desk team provides individual, personalized answers to your voting questions.

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US Vote Blog

Here's where you can find in-depth information on relevant voting topics. We tackle ballot return options, absentee and vote-by-mail ballot processes, in-person and early voting options and more.

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U.S. Vote Foundation Answers Your Top 2024 Election Preparation Questions

Just as television commercials for school supplies encroach on the last joy-filled days of summer, Presidential General Election cycles are now commencing earlier and earlier. Or perhaps like a steady drumbeat, they never...

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Before voters go to the polls in a General Election to elect the next president of the United States, they are given the opportunity to assist the major political parties in deciding who will be their nominated candidate via primary election or caucus.

Choosing the best candidate to be the nominee of the party is considered the first step to winning an election. It’s crucial to get this right, which is why primary elections are vitally important. Here's a sneak preview chart of primary and caucus dates for all states and territories!

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Our nation faces a pivotal period in regard to election administration. As the 2024 elections approach, the country is grappling with a multitude of issues that have put a strain on election officials. Many election officials are resigning and leaving behind a void of valuable legacy knowledge.

This blog explores the significance of US Vote tracking and maintaining detailed election data and our role in fostering benefits for the election community.