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If you've lost your voting rights, you can restore your right to vote in every state. Click on your state to find out your status and next steps to restoring your voting rights.

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Supreme Court

“The most important election that nobody’s ever heard of,”[1] is how this year’s election for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice is being described. The race will deliver a judge who will preside over cases as consequential as abortion rights and redistricting.

Considered by some as the number one controversial issue of the moment, abortion rights would be enough to drive attention to this election. The additional issue of redistricting in this crucial swing state means the next Supreme Court Justice of Wisconsin may find themselves under a very bright spotlight. And more than once.

Voting Law Changes

There are a number of hot button election bills under consideration in 2023 state legislative sessions which address the questions:

- Who gets to vote?
- How stringent should voting policies be?

The ways state legislatures address these questions will shape the voting population as well as election outcomes.

U.S. Vote Foundation monitors election law changes on a state-by-state basis. Check out our State Voter Information to see if there have been any changes in your state’s laws for eligibility, identification, and ways to vote.

In our federal system, state governments largely have the authority to make rules....

US Vote 2022 Voter Experience Survey Report

U.S. Vote Foundation has a long history of post-election research starting with the 2004 General Election and every general election cycle since then. The 2022 Midterm General Election year was no exception. We opted for a short, 3-5 minute survey to get a finger on the pulse of the voter experience in this election year.

Fascinating! That's the word we give to this year's post-election survey results. Satisfaction DOWN. Motivation UP. You might wonder, how is that?

Our new 2022 Voter Experience Survey Report is now available. Have a look, and get the answers you seek!