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If you've lost your voting rights, you can restore your right to vote in every state. Click on your state to find out your status and next steps to restoring your voting rights.

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Here's where you can find in-depth information on relevant voting topics. We tackle ballot return options, absentee and vote-by-mail ballot processes, in-person and early voting options and more.

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With so many dates and deadlines to remember, it's easy for even the most conscientious voter to lose track. This is where calendar subscriptions prove invaluable. By subscribing to an election calendar, individuals can effortlessly stay informed about upcoming events and deadlines relevant to the election(s) in their state. Good News: U.S. Vote Foundation has sponsored WebCal.Guru to help get these important dates onto your personal calendar.

Good News! The New WebCal.Guru US 2024 Election Calendar is Available.

Get Your US Election Calendar Today!

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Before having kids, I was a proud voter who made sure to get to the polls for every election. No matter how large or small the office up for election, I looked forward to having my voice be heard by casting my vote.

Later, as a mom with two young kids, I maintained my good intentions of voting, but sometimes responsibilities with the kids got in the way, or I would lose track of the process, or I was simply too exhausted to make voting a priority.

To get back to carrying out my civic duty more regularly, I was going to need some help. But, what was that going to be? I went on to learn that the Voter Account is a platform for civic engagement, unique to U.S. Vote Foundation: a personal democracy dashboard that helps you keep voting even with an overly busy life.

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U.S. Vote Foundation (US Vote) is honored to play a role in delivering a pivotal report on Ethical Standards for Election Administration to all U.S. election officials on behalf of the Bipartisan Working Group, as well as to make the report available to the public on our website.

In 2022, The American Law Institute facilitated the formation of the Bipartisan Working Group, a diverse group of leaders who set out to create a proposed set of Ethical Standards for Election Administration. The group has now issued its recommendations, offering a clear articulation of the role of ethical standards in guiding the conduct of elections.