US Vote OpEd Published in The Fulcrum

From our perspective at U.S. Vote Foundation (US Vote), the build up to the election and the incredible participation levels across all states. Now, the aftermath of this successful 2020 election is a barage of laws across many states. Not all of them are bad, there are some that expand on the success of the recent general election. But some of these voting laws are designed to crush the level of engagement we just witnessed. 

That's what we write about in the April 8, 2021 opinion piece that appeared in The Fulcrum, entitled "In Georgia, the most insidious suppression may be weakening the will to vote."

We make the point that there are some nonsensical (and cruel) provisions, like disallowing distribution of food and water to people waiting in interminably long lines (let's note that the lines should not be so long that you need to eat and drink while you stand in them!). However, this provisions seems designed to distract from the most insidious of provisions: the fact that voters will be dissuaded from voting at all if they believe their ballot might be changed or not counted. See the original OpEd in The Fulcrum. Enjoy!