Study at Home or Abroad - and Vote in Election 2016!

The November 8, 2016 Presidential Election is on track to be a historical one with a campaign unlike anything the country has ever seen before, a major party’s first female candidate, and a growing number of people pledging to vote for a third party. It’s undeniable that the stakes are high, and as a result we will see record numbers of voters at the polls.

What if you can’t make it to the polls? This is a concern that many college students face as they prepare for the upcoming fall semester. Searching government websites can be a bit daunting.

Skip the searching and go directly to U.S. Vote Foundation or our Overseas Vote site to find all the information you need to make sure you’re able to participate in the upcoming election from wherever you are studying, whether it’s an hour away from home or in an entirely new country.

The answer for students is to vote by mail (absentee) - whether you are at home, or abroad.

Students Studying in the U.S., but Away from Home

Let’s start with students who will be studying in the US, but outside of the state or county in which you live. First, complete the Voter Registration and then the Absentee Ballot Request processes – both of which you will find for your state on our website. You can complete, download, print and sign the forms within minutes. Send or drop off the completed forms to your local board of elections. The address will be provided in the instructions that print with the forms.

Students Studying Abroad

What if you’re studying abroad? Can you still participate? Absolutely! The first step is to visit and click on Register to Vote / Absentee Ballot Request. Enter your information, then download, print, and sign the form. Once you’ve got your completed, signed form, mail it to your election office. The address will be provided in an instruction street that will print out with your form. It’s good to follow up about two weeks after you’ve mailed your request to make sure it’s been received and processed. All contact information is provided with the instructions, or available through the Election Official Directory.

Once you’ve been approved for an absentee ballot, you will be set to receive a ballot in the mail (or by email if you are overseas and requested an emailed ballot). After you’ve received your ballot, you should send it back as soon as possible. Follow the signature instructions carefully!

Regardless of whether you’re studying in the U.S. or overseas, it’s important to know your state's Election Dates and Deadlines. You can access information about the latest dates you can register, request a ballot, and return your ballot for each state by visiting and clicking Election Dates & Deadlines tab. No matter where you’ll be this November, your voice can still be heard; before the summer ends, take a few moments to make sure you’ll be able to vote.

Are you inspired to reach out? Get others to participate? We have what you need!

For US Based Students: check out US Vote's Banner Kit for graphics you can post on sites and social media. 

For Students Abroad: designed with you in mind - the new US Vote Study Abroad and Vote! Toolkit.