Domestic Vote-by-Mail / Absentee Ballot Request Solutions

Ballot in mailbox

Hosted System or a Widget Tool

The current public health pandemic need not be an election pandemic. With smart solutions to increased demand for mail ballots, you can be ahead of the curve and help all voters.

A US Vote domestic absentee ballot request software solution will enable your voter outreach organization, state or jurisdiction to focus on helping voters complete accurate, legible ballot requests versus sending out blank forms.

Eliminate needless document round-trips through the post. Instead, give voters the opportunity to access a guided system that speeds the process for requesting their ballot, and election offices of unnecessary work.

What is included:

  • VBM Absentee Ballot Request Application - automated absentee ballot request wizard streamlines all state requirements into a customized state-specific flow with state-specific form output for domestic voters. An overseas and military ballot request wizard is also available. Voters enter their data into your state-specific process flow. Then they download, print, sign and send the form into the election address provided in the instructions that print with the form.

  • Voter Account - the hub of the voter's life - the Voter Account allows voters to save their data for future use.

  • Election Official Directory Integration - the absentee ballot request tool will insert the correct election office mailing and contact information into the voter instruction letter that accompanies the complete ballot request form.

  • Reporting - metrics are vital to your planning and regular usage reporting will support your election administration and GOTV efforts.

This solution can be provided as a Widget - embedded in a page on your website, or as a customized hosted system solution. It can offer all states' ballot request flows, or just one state.

With a hosted system solution you will be able to customize: 

  • Web Page Design - customized to match your website style.

  • System Output - forms, letters of instruction and emails produced by the voter registration, absentee ballot and write-in ballot applications.

  • Online Data Transfer - ask us about options for data transfer to your database or balloting system.

What you will be able to provide your users:

  • A simple, user-friendly absentee ballot request solution - immediately accessible from the voter's computer.

With 16 years of experience in the domain of absentee ballot request (ABR) and vote-by-mail (VBM) systems, including development, licensing and support of complete hosted systems to states and voter outreach organizations, U.S. Vote Foundation (US Vote) has refined its expertise and the technology to offer you a high-quality, user-friendly, proven system, customized to your needs. Get yours now!
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