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Voter Account - our premier application

The Voter Account (VA) application is the premier service of US Vote. We believe that every voter should have a Voter Account to manage their personal democracy. It is a tool designed to support life-long civic engagement and it will continue to be the focus of our future development efforts.

By offering a Hosted System Solution (HSS) from US Vote, your organization can bring this premier service to your voters.

The VA application supports voters to do any of the following, and more:

    • Instantly generate a voter registration or ballot request form (especially useful for overseas and military voters who are required to fill out a new registration/ballot request form for each election year, and for absentee voters who may need to fill one out for each election)
    • Stop and/or save their personal information during the voter registration or absentee ballot process
    • Manage their personal Voter Profile
    • Easily find their Local Election Office and all contact details associate with their election officials
    • Get real-time information about elected representatives, including their voting history sorted by topic/year
    • See news for their state, the nation, or by topic
    • Militiary and Overseas Voters can auto-populate an emergency Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot form and simply add their choices and vote!

The Voter Account application is at the core of US Vote's systems and sites. Every aspect of our services integrates into the Voter Account application. By bringing your voters the Voter Account, you bring them a service that will support their long term civic engagement with voting as a central action.

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