Team Members

Our Team is a diverse and multi-talented group of professionals who live, work, volunteer and vote from around the globe. We are exceptionally proud of our team. They pour their hearts and skills into what they do at U.S. Vote Foundation and we thank them for their incredible contributions.

Technology and Voter Services Program

  • Joshua Greenbaum, Chief Technology Officer [bio]
  • Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat, Development and Licensed Services Program Manager [bio]
  • Aishwarya Narasimhan, Technical Developer
  • Jaïdat Ali Djaé, Special Project Support
  • Kojo Duncan, Technical Developer

Civic Data and Election Services Program

  • Gavin Weise, State Voter Information Consultant
  • Max Moran, Election Data Research and Support
  • Jane Scheiring, Election Official Directory Manager

Communications Program

  • Margaret Behlen, Donor Management and Communications
  • Genya Coulter, Social Media Program Manager (and Twitter Goddess)
  • Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat, Marketing Operations
  • Andee Goldman, Regional Outreach, Israel
  • John Grosser, Overseas Voter Outreach Volunteer, Germany
  • Paige Warman, Email Communications [bio]
  • Paula Sanz, Study Abroad Program Support

Voter Support and Education Program

  • Genya Coulter, Voter Support Help Desk Support Team Member
  • Kayana McCalla, Voter Support Help Desk Support Team Member
  • Paul McGuire, Voter Help Desk Support Team Member
  • Pam Warman, Voter Support Help Desk Support Team Member
  • Claire Smith, Voter Support Help Desk Support Team Member [bio]

Legal Support Program

  • Paul McGuire, Legal Counsel