Team Members

Our Team is a diverse and multi-talented group of professionals who live, work, volunteer and vote from around the globe. We are exceptionally proud of our team. They pour their hearts and skills into what they do at U.S. Vote Foundation and we thank them for their incredible contributions.

Marketing and Business Development

  • Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat, President and CEO
  • Tom Klinedinst, Corporate Identity and Graphics

Technology, Analytics and Voter Services Program

  • Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat, Operations, Marketing and Licensed Services Program Manager [bio]
  • Dave Applebaum, Quality Assurance Program Manager

Civic Data and Election Services Program

  • Jane Scheiring, Election Official Directory Database and Content Manager
  • Janet Ahern, Election Dates and Deadlines Database and Content Manager
  • Lisa Ragucci, State Voter Information Database and Content Manager

Communications and Marketing Programs

  • Lorraine Mirabile, CRM and Email Campaign Specialist
  • Lisa Ragucci, Social Media Manager
  • Sara Kempner, Campaigns and Strategic Collaboration
  • Rosey Connelly, Marketing Communications Intern

Voter Support and Education Program

  • Lisa Ragucci, Manager, Voter Help Desk Program
  • Alene Boyer, Implementation Consultant and Help Desk Support Team Member
  • Pam Warman, Overseas Voter Help Desk Support Team Member

Legal and Financial Operations Support

  • Paul McGuire, In-House Legal Counsel
  • K&L Gates - Legal Counsel
  • Richard Vogt, Chief Financial Officer and Board Member
  • Cindy O'Connor, Accounting and Finance Team Member