Advisory Board


Carlos Alcazar

As co-founder of Culture ONE World, Carlos Alcázar works with federal government agencies, non-profits, and corporate brands to create award-winning national marketing and advertising campaigns that reach millennial and multicultural markets. He brings a background in education, advertising, and media to focus on public-sector client objectives using creative storytelling and data-driven media. Previously, he was responsible for launching communications companies in worldwide markets, having resided in and managed business in Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the United States for Viacom and Pearson plc.


Duncan Buell

Dr. Buell is a Professor, former department chair in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, and former interim dean at the University of South Carolina His current research interests are in the auditing and analysis of electronic voting machine data and in digital humanities. He has served since 2004 as a technical advisor on voting systems to the League of Women Voters of South Carolina. His recent projects in digital humanities use mobile applications to present unacknowledged history and a big data approach to improving the teaching of writing by software analysis of student essays.


Dana Chisnell
Dana Chisnell is an elections and user experience research specialist who has trained thousands of people, including government workers, to test their designs. After two years with the Obama White House working for the United States Digital Service, she has returned as co-director of the Center for Civic Design and is an adjunct professor at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She is the lead researcher and managing editor on the Field Guides To Ensuring Voter Intent.


Roland Crim

Mr. Crim is on the Board of American Citizens Abroad (ACA), a non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental organization whose mission is to defend the rights of Americans living overseas related to voting, citizenship, taxation, social security, and representation. since Mr. Crim is ACA's Team Lead for voting issues. ACA has developed ongoing dialogues with key offices in Washington, DC so that issues and problems facing the community get the attention they deserve.


Eric Eversole

Mr. Eversole is Vice President & Executive Director of Hiring Our Heroes at U.S. Chamber of Commerce. He leads Chamber's effort to help veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses find meaningful employment. Prior to joining Hiring Our Heroes, Eversole spent six years as Attorney Advisor at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission providing legal advice to the chairman and commissioners on issues involving the sale of electric power. In 2010, he founded the Military Voter Protection Project, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting and protecting the voting rights of American service members. Eversole served on active duty with the U.S. 


Paul S. Herrnson 

Paul S. Herrnson is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Connecticut. His research and teaching interests include political parties and elections; money and politics; and voting technology, ballot design, and election administration. His publications include Congressional Elections: Campaigning at Home and in Washington; Voting Technology: The Not-So-Simple Act of Casting a Ballot; and Interest Groups Unleashed. Herrnson has advised the U.S. Congress, the Connecticut General Assembly, the Maryland General Assembly, the Election Assistance Commission, and numerous other governmental agencies and nongovernmental organizations on matters pertaining to campaign finance, political parties, and election reform.

Don S. Inbody

Dr. Inbody is a Senior Lecturer in Political Science at Texas State University. He is a long-time supporter of the U.S. Vote Foundation and Overseas Vote initiative, often participating at the annual Summits and writing for the organization's Research Letter. Dr. Inbody served 28 years on active-duty in the U.S. Navy, retiring as a Captain. Having lived and served overseas, he understands the barriers to voting experienced by American civilian and military citizens living and stationed beyond the borders of the United States. In 2013, he testified before the Presidential Commission on Election Administration on the current situation for UOCAVA voters. His writing has appeared in the Election Law Journal and he recently published The Soldier Vote: War, Politics, and the Ballot in America, the first comprehensive book on the history of military absentee voting in the United States and statistical look at how active-duty service personnel actually vote.

Manu Koenig

As CoFounder and CEO of Civinomics, Manu is working to make government, particularly local government, more open and accessible. Civinomics is developing a city council app that automatically makes meeting agenda items voteable and comment-able. It aggregates and standardizes public feedback for representatives, adds this data to the public record, and makes it easier for citizens to organize and be a proactive part of democracy. Manu believes Robert's Rules of Order are a lost art and exercises them any chance he gets in the many organizations that he's a part of including: Battle Born Progress, Digital NEST, and Bike Santa Cruz County.


Robert ("Bo") Newsome

He is responsible for helping NAICU members become more active in the public policy arena. He also serves as NAICU’s liaison with the National Association of Independent College and University State Executives and various national state organizations. Bo is a member of the leadership team that coordinates the lobbying and grassroots efforts of the Student Aid Alliance, a coalition of 76 higher education organizations united in their support of federal student aid.Newsome also helps coordinate the National Campus Voter Registration Project, a nonpartisan effort to register college students and employees for the elections of 2016.


Jeanette M. Senecal 

Jeanette M. Senecal is the Senior Director of Elections and e-Democracy of the League of Women Voters of the United States. She manages and coordinates various voter education, get-out-the-vote, election reform, and civic engagement activities, including efforts to engage new and underrepresented citizens, and educate League leaders and other interested parties on election administration reform issues. Jeanette has led a wide range of notable election projects include the Public Advocacy for Voter Protection project, the award-winning website and various voter registration campaigns.


Johanna Dishongh

Ms. Dishongh is the U.S. Liaison of FAWCO (Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas). FAWCO is the oldest and largest organization serving private sector Americans abroad.


Samuel F. Wright

Mr. Wright is an attorney with extensive military and civilian experience in the areas of labor law, military law, veterans' rights, and military voting rights. Wright became interested in military voting rights in the immediate aftermath of the 1976 general election, when he was involved in an election contest involving an exceedingly close election for the U.S. House of Representatives (TX-22). After leaving active duty in 1980, Wright undertook a continuing nationwide effort to reform absentee voting laws and procedures, for the benefit of military and overseas citizens.

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