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Vote Local or Go Home

Most Americans are aware of Presidential elections that occur every 4 years and a majority of voters do get out and vote for their chosen candidate. However, this is not the case when it comes to electing state and local officials. In 2015, a research group from Portland State University found that voters from 30 of America’s largest cities vote for their mayors, city councilors, and similar offices at a rate of only 15%.1

When individuals don’t vote in local elections, they waste the opportunity to make the broadest impact possible on their daily lives. School bonds and curricula, policing, recreation, transportation, housing, and social services are some of the items and amenities we utilize daily that are decided upon through local elections.

Here, we feature four state-wide elections with significant implications for that state. If you are a voter in VA, PA, KY, or MS, has done the research for you and has prepared non-partisan informational guides for your upcoming election. So, learn about the candidates and topics affecting you and make a plan to vote in your next local election!

Virginia Legislative Elections
November 7, 2023

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All 140 seats of the Virginia legislature are up for election in November and the balance of party control could change. Currently, Republicans control the House of Delegates by 5 seats and Democrats control the Senate by 4 seats.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Election
November 7, 2023

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While this election won’t change the party balance of the court since there are currently four Democrats and two Republicans, should the Republican candidate win, the next election could have party implications.

Kentucky Governor Election
November 7, 2023

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Republican Daniel Cameron is challenging incumbent, Andy Beshear, for Governor. With issues like abortion and the economy on top of voters’ minds, this election is sure to receive a good deal of hype. The winner will have a full plate of hot button issues to tackle starting Day 1.

Mississippi Governor Election
November 7, 2023

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Democrat Brandon Presley is challenging Republican incumbent, Tate Reeves, for Governor. Mississippi has maintained a Republican trifecta (Republican control of the Governor’s office and both chambers of the legislature) for more than 10 years. Should the challenger win, this trifecta would be broken.

Voters, US Vote has developed the following resources to make voting in your next local election as simple as possible!