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Vote Early, Vote Love

Kerri Rosenthal Uses her Medium for a Powerful Message: VOTE LOVE

Voting Champion Kerri Rosenthal wants you to vote from the heart and vote at the start. Her positive and proactive mindset will motivate voters in 2024 with U.S. Vote Foundation (US Vote) tools and resources.

An acclaimed artist-designer-stylist, Kerri Rosenthal is based out of Connecticut, the most recent state to offer citizens the chance to participate in Early Voting. Kerri has teamed up with U.S. Vote Foundation to encourage residents of the Nutmeg State - and voters across the nation - to join her in kicking off the election season by voting early. 

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In a recent interview for US Vote’s You’re Eligible Situations - YES Campaign, Kerri stated: “For me, voting early is taking care of something that is so critically important and doing so ahead of the deadline. I do this in my business every day, so why would I not do the same when it comes to voting. Voting early will allow me to check it off my list and also use the in-between time to spread this most important message, Vote Early and Vote Love!” 

Kerri will launch a campaign for Vote Love on June 20, 2024 with a limited collection of apparel, artwork, and postcards inspired by two of her original paintings: an American flag and the juxtaposed words "Vote" and "Love". Kerri shares, "Vote Love can mean something different to everybody. To me, Vote Love means voting for what matters in your heart." 

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Vote Love with Kerri Rosenthal; Vote Early with US Vote

As a US.VOTE Voting Champion, Kerri Rosenthal plans to inspire voters and set them up to participate in the election. Kerri’s nonpartisan Vote Love postcards include a QR code pointing to U.S. Vote Foundation so voters can scan to get information and tools about:

  • Early voting locations 
  • Early voting times
  • Identification requirements (if necessary)
  • How to register or check your registration status
  • Getting Help – contact your local election official or the US Vote’s Voter Help Desk

Vote Love postcards include a brief message to encourage folks to vote early. “This is an easy way to spread the love forward,” Kerri continued in her interview. “Send one to a friend to remind them to vote early and vote from the heart!”

2 sides of VOTE LOVE postcard. Logo on front. Text and space for writing on back.

Early Voting Across the U.S.

The vast majority of states now offer an early voting period during which voters can cast their ballot prior to Election Day without needing an excuse or application. Voting early can help generate the positive buzz around elections which Kerri seeks to galvanize.

Check Your Early Voting Dates

Some advantages of Early Voting include:

  • Flexibility for voters with work, school, family, transportation or travel concerns
  • Shortened wait times at voting stations
  • Benefits for voters with health concerns or disabilities who seek to avoid crowds or reduce time standing in line
  • Wiggle room for voters who have unexpected setbacks on their first attempt to vote
  • Reduced strain on election workers
  • Increased publicity to encourage voter turnout

While early voting will be new this year to Connecticut residents, they will actually be returning to a system of voting used in the early days of the republic. At the nation’s founding, elections were commonly held over a period of days to ensure that travel or weather concerns would not impede turnout.

A Resonating Message

The response to Vote Love has been overwhelmingly positive. Comments shared with US Vote’s YES Campaign co-creator Sara Kempner include:

  • When I first saw Vote Love, it hit me to the core. I thought, yes, this says it all.
  • This is exactly what we need right now. Someone to lift us to a positive place.
  • Vote Love reminds us that if we vote with love we can’t go wrong.
  • Everyone loves. So, everyone can relate to Vote Love. It unites us. It’s not partisan. I think that’s really important.

“I’m thrilled that Kerri Rosenthal has become a YES Voting Champion. Through her artistic approach, she shows us that democracy can be our canvas when we vote,” said Sara Kempner. “I believe each YES voter story will activate voters who need some trustworthy information and a little inspiration.”

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