thank you election heroes

Thank You, Election Heroes!

Our message of thanks to Election Heroes across the nation

Today, U.S. Vote Foundation and Overseas Vote would like to recognize each and every one of the Election Officials across the country. 

Thank you for your devotion, commitment, and engagement in your critically important jobs. We recognize and appreciate your essential role in the administration of elections in our country. 
Over the years, your participation in our Election Official Directory program, to keep your jurisdiction's contact information up-to-date, has allowed U.S. Vote Foundation and a broad network of voter outreach organizations to connect millions of voters to you - the stewards of their democracy. 
For us, and for voters everywhere, YOU are the Heroes of Democracy! Keep up your great work, we need you now more than ever.

Our message to Voters on this important day

Today is the day to take the time to recognize one of our most important public servants, our Election Officials. They are the unsung heroes who work behind the scenes - and behind a desk at a polling place - to make sure our voices are heard and that our Democracy continues to flourish.

The commitment and devotion of Election Officials to helping all eligible voters cast a ballot deserves our recognition.

Please join U.S. Vote Foundation and Overseas Vote in thanking each and every one of our Election Officials for the great work they do!

Look up your Election Official in the US Vote Election Official Directory
and send them a personal thank you note today.