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U.S. Vote Foundation: Safeguarding Election Administration Amidst Challenging Times

The United States of America is facing a pivotal period in regard to election administration. As the 2024 elections approach, the country is grappling with a multitude of issues that have put a strain on election officials. The situation has become so dire that many election officials are resigning and leaving behind a void of valuable legacy knowledge. To stay abreast of these challenges, U.S. Vote Foundation (US Vote) is working to provide essential data for research and analysis on election officials and administration. This blog explores the significance of US Vote tracking and maintaining detailed election data and our role in fostering benefits for the election community.


The Crisis of Election Officials Quitting

The crisis surrounding the resignation of election officials is highlighted in a recent article by The Guardian titled "U.S. Election Officials Leaving Ahead of 2024 Elections: The Case of North Carolina." The article sheds light on the difficulties that election officials are facing, leading to a wave of departures that threatens to destabilize the election administration.

Issues such as increased polarization, misinformation campaigns, and external interference have contributed to this daunting situation. Election officials find themselves caught in the crossfire, facing unprecedented pressure and scrutiny. This toxic environment has not only resulted in a decrease in job satisfaction, but has also eroded the once-stable and experienced pool of election officials who possess invaluable legacy knowledge.


The Role of US Vote in Election Data

Amidst these challenges, US Vote has been diligently working to track and maintain detailed election data. Our nonprofit, nonpartisan organization has dedicated itself to ensuring that voters have the resources and information they need to participate in the democratic process. One of our primary contributions lies in the comprehensive collection and analysis of election-related data, which includes information on election officials and administration.

US Vote's database has become an invaluable resource for researchers, policymakers, and election professionals. By curating contact data for election officials and offices, the foundation offers support to researchers whose analyses provide insights into trends, patterns, and challenges faced by election administrators. This data-driven approach helps to identify areas that require attention and reform, ultimately contributing to the improvement of the electoral process.


Empowering the Election Community

Reports and analyses like those mentioned in The Guardian article would not be possible without the groundwork laid by US Vote. The departure of experienced election officials highlights the urgency to understand the underlying issues in order to make informed policy changes and implement targeted solutions.


Benefits to the Election Community

The availability of well-documented data from US Vote and the research it subsequently produces yield multiple benefits to the election community:

  1. Identifies Challenges: Analyzing trends in election officials' resignations can help pinpoint systemic issues and challenges that contribute to the crisis. Armed with this knowledge, policymakers can design targeted strategies to address root causes effectively. Using US Vote’s data, The Boston Globe authored a dramatic study, “Election Officials Under Siege,” which brings these issues to light.
  2. Informs Recruitment Strategies: With data on the reasons behind the departure of experienced officials, state level election administrators can develop better recruitment and retention strategies to attract and retain skilled personnel.
  3. Underscores Importance of Effective Succession Planning: The departure of election officials underscores the importance of succession planning. Data on tenure and reasons for resignation can aid in designing robust succession plans to ensure a smooth transition of knowledge and experience.
  4. Provides Evidence-Based Policy Reforms: Policymakers can rely on the resulting research reports from expert organizations, such as the “Local Election Officials Survey (March 2022)” from the Brennan Center for Justice to support evidence-based policy reforms aimed at strengthening election administration, protecting officials from undue influence, and fortifying the democratic process.


Amidst the increasing resignations and loss of legacy knowledge, US Vote’s efforts to provide comprehensive data to election scholars enable them to conduct valuable election research. The reports inform us of what administrators of our nation’s elections are experiencing and enable policy makers to take appropriate action. In this way, US Vote contributes to safeguarding the integrity of the electoral process with an aim to strengthen democracy in the United States.



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