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North Carolina Voters: Here's How to Vote in Your Upcoming Primary Election

North Carolina’s primary elections are right around the corner - on Tuesday, May 17, 2022!

Primaries are vitally important. This year in the primary election you will choose the political candidates that will run for Congress in the November 2022 congressional midterm election.

Let's aim to blow past the North Carolina average midterm primary turnout rate (just over 15% since 2002). This is the year to change that! Join the many registered voters in the US who are determined to turn the tide and turnout to vote in the midterm elections this year!  

Here are three easy ways to have your vote counted:

Vote using a North Carolina absentee ballot

If you cannot vote in person, you can request an absentee ballot. Absentee ballots will be available starting March 28, 2022. Request yours today!

A Spanish language version of North Carolina’s absentee ballot request form is coming soon, too!

¡Pronto también estará disponible una versión en español del Formulario de Solicitud de Boleta de Voto Ausente de Carolina del Norte!

When requesting your ballot, you must include your date of birth and one of the following forms of identification:

  • North Carolina driver’s license number or NCDMV issued identification card number.
  • The last four digits of your social security number.

And there are other convenient ways to vote

  1. Cast your Vote Early in person. Early voting is available in North Carolina. You can vote in person prior to Election Day starting from April 28, 2022 through May 14, 2022. This is a great option for anyone with a busy schedule or with a known conflict on Election Day.
  2. Same-Day Registration. North Carolina also features same day registration for Early Voting. If you are not registered to vote but want to cast your ballot during early voting (but not on Election Day), you can go to your polling place, register on site, and cast a ballot. Same-day registrants must attest to their eligibility and provide proof of where they live (see Eligibility)
  3. You can also find out what other voting methods are allowed in your state in case you can’t make it on voting day.
  4. Vote in person on Election Day. You can vote in person at your local polling place on Election Day – Tuesday, May 17th. You cannot register to vote on Election Day, so if you’re not already registered and want to vote on Election Day, register to vote here.

There are three other things you must bear in mind in order to vote

  1. Are you eligible to vote? A voter attests to their eligibility by completing and signing the North Carolina voter application. The voter must prove their residence by showing any of the following documents with their current name and address:
    • A North Carolina driver’s license.
    • Other photo identification issued by a government agency. Any government-issued photo ID is acceptable, provided that the card includes the voter’s current name and address.
    • A copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document showing the voter’s name and address.
    • A current college/university photo identification card paired with proof of campus habitation.
  1. Are you registered to vote? Have a look at our state lookup tools and check your registration.
  2. Am I in the right polling location? Make sure you are voting at the correct polling place. They change*, so it’s important to double check your polling location. If you mistakenly attempt to vote in the wrong precinct, you will have to cast a provisional ballot. Check to see your correct polling location by checking the North Carolina Polling location search.

*It is also worth noting that redistricting is occurring this year. Your polling location (and voting district) could change between the Primary Election and the General Election in November. Before the November Election, make sure you double check where your polling location is.  

Every citizen can and should be a voter, so don't let anything stop you from casting your ballot. It's true that North Carolina and other states are modifying their voting requirements - but remember, U.S. Vote Foundation is keeping up-to-date on all changes and is here to support you! Our Voter Help Desk is available to answer any questions you may have about voting in your state. Be sure to create your Voter Account and sign up for voter alerts to keep track of your personal democracy journey.

And don’t forget to vote in the North Carolina Primaries on May 17, 2022!


U.S. Vote Foundation, March 2022