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Overseas and Military Voting Laws Demonstrate that National Norms are Possible
In Georgia, the most insidious suppression may be weakening the will to vote
USPS delays could hit Georgia military, overseas ballots
Georgia's military voters seen as pivotal bloc in runoffs that will decide Senate control
Here’s what military absentee voters need to know about Georgia’s US Senate runoff elections
Former military leaders: Trump’s tweet is ‘attack on our electoral process’
Deployed US military members express concerns over mail-in ballot count
Potential for uncounted military votes looms large in swing states
Count Every Hero: Never leave a soldier behind — battlefield or ballot box
Florida’s military mail-in vote may play critical role in 2020 election
The Absent Bloc That Could Decide the U.S. Election
Military absentee ballots may be critical to 2020 election: 1 in 5 went to Florida
From pandemic to postal problems, overseas voters worry their US presidential ballots won't get counted
Overseas voting in U.S. election could double as anxious Americans mail in their ballots
Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat ─ Changing the course of voting for Americans at home or overseas
Mid-October numbers indicate increased turnout of military absentee voters
US elections: American voter turnout abroad could soar as ballot demands increase
What Happens If You Request A Mail-In Ballot And Then Change Your Mind? Pa., NJ And Del. Have Different Rules
What happens to absentee ballots after you mail them?
What is better, mail-in voting or early, in-person voting?
Amid pandemic, Americans overseas worry about making sure their vote counts
Wählen per Fax
US Election 2020: For Americans abroad, Election Day is already here.
Another state adds online absentee voting option for military and overseas US citizens
Hysteria' among overseas voters as coronavirus issues threaten mail-in ballot delays
Here’s Why Major Companies Are Paying Employees To Skip Work On Election Day
Could FedEx ease the US Postal Service's mail voting challenge? Shipping costs a hurdle
Trump, Democrats both hold fears about US Postal Service, mail-in ballots

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It's 2020. Why can't we vote with our phones?
Deadline Approaches for Registration of Indian American U.S. Citizens Wanting to Vote from Abroad
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Register to vote deadline: When is the register to vote deadline for US Election 2020?
Voting Safely: How to Protect Yourself from Covid-19 while Casting Your Ballot
theSkimm Launches Initiative, Encourages Millennial Women To Vote
Drexel Celebrates National Voter Registration Day
How to vote by mail in the 2020 US election
Where's the nearest fax machine? Americans in Finland scramble amid postal voting disruption
Here’s Brunch, a pop-up, weekend email about final weeks of the 2020 campaign — 10.11.20
US elections: American voter turnout Overseas could soar
Here's where overseas and military voters can return their ballots using the internet
Why this hospitality-focused software startup made Election Day a paid holiday
Voter Registration Deadlines By State 
Next Presidential Debate Canceled, But Trump and Biden Will Have Dueling Town Halls
National Voter Education Week 2020 Aims To Reach Nonvoters
Americans overseas worry about making sure their vote counts amid coronavirus pandemic
Military and family members: It’s not too late to vote by absentee ballot!
Mail-in Ballots Total Projects Record Number of Voters in 2020 Presidential Election
When will your ballot be counted in the 2020 election? A look at what goes into the tallying process
The Note: COVID disconnect looms over Trump in Midwest
Don't wait': Some swing state officials urge voters to bypass the mail to return ballots
Voters in 21 States Can Register and Vote on Election Day
How to become a poll worker—and 39 other ways to encourage voting in 2020 
Could blockchain have prevented the 2020 US elections' fiasco?
Voters In 21 States Can Register And Vote On Election Day, Including Michigan
As Election Day approaches, many Americans abroad are grateful for the distance