U.S. Vote Foundation Calls on Congress to Include Urgent Contingency Funds in Phase III Supplemental to Assure Safe Voting


March 21, 2020

To the Honorable Chairman Roy Blunt and Senate Rules Committee Members:

As Chairman of U.S. Vote Foundation, I urge you to personally support, and to call for all Senators to embrace the role and responsibility of the federal government to ensure that all states can provide the necessary voting methods for every eligible American to safely cast a ballot in the November 2020 General Election. Ensuring the security of U.S. campaigns and elections is essential to our democratic process.

We implore you to allocate $2-4 Billion of funding in the final Phase III Supplemental for the U.S. Election Assistance Commission to direct to the states to help them to execute on the programs needed to guarantee safe access to ballots for every eligible voter. Effective state action is only possible with a timely call to action and adequate funding.

Faced with the Coronavirus Pandemic and its unknown scope and length, election administrators in all states must begin preparation to implement the full range of safe methods for voters to cast their ballots, including no-excuse absentee balloting/vote by mail, early voting and in-person voting.

A sufficient response will require immediate action and funds to implement and scale up these procedures in time to assure a smooth-running general election.

Bipartisan support for expeditious action by Congress on legislation that will ensure all voters have access to their ballots for the November 2020 General Election is warranted.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of U.S. Vote Foundation,

Michael Steele, Chairman
U.S. Vote Foundation