Take Nothing for Granted

2020 Primary Election / Caucus Voting Checklist

Being an active voter means never taking your rights or your current status on the voter roll for granted. Choosing which candidate is your party's nominee is the most crucial decision of the 2020 election. Make sure you weigh-in with your vote.

Make this a "no surprises" voting year and take the following steps on the U.S. Vote Foundation (US Vote) or Overseas Vote site - whichever suits you best:

  1. Check your Primary Election or Caucus Dates and Deadlines.

  2. Check your Registration Status on your state's voter registration rolls: go to the State Voting Requirements / State Lookup Tools and click "Am I Registered?" to get to your state's voter registration status lookup.

  3. Overseas Voters: Are you living, serving, studying abroad? Then you must refile your Registration/Ballot Request - one form does both! Overseas ballot requests expire annually - so make sure you apply in 2020.

  4. Domestic Voters: Did you move? Do you want to change or declare your political party for the Primaries? Did you miss a recent election? Best to refile your Voter Registration form if you have any doubts at all that your registration is not up to date.

  5. Vote-by-Mail/Vote from Home: If you are a registered voter, and will you be working, traveling, unable, or too busy to go to the polls - Apply for an Absentee Vote-by-Mail ballot! Vote-by-Mail ballot requests are usually valid for just one election - so make sure you apply in 2020.

Questions? Contact your Local Election Official who is ready to serve you: look up contact details in the Election Official Directory. Or, you can also send your questions to our Voter Help Desk.

U.S. Vote Foundation (US Vote) and Overseas Vote are excited to provide you with our full range of voter services. Use these services, they are for you!

Thank you for your trust and support, and most of all, for joining us in our mission to make Every Citizen a Voter.


Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat
President and CEO
U.S. Vote Foundation and Overseas Vote

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