State of New York Voting Requirements & Information

Statewide Voter Information

U.S. Domestic Voters

General Information


You can register to vote or update your registration information:

  • online
  • by mail
  • in person at your elections office
  • at state agencies when you apply for services (automatically unless you opt out)

You must have resided in your precinct at least 30 days prior to the election in which you intend to vote.

Election Day Voting

Polling places are open from 6am to 9pm in General Elections.

Polling places are open from 6am to 9pm in Primary Elections in New York City and the counties of Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Putnam and Erie. Polling places are open from 12pm to 9pm in Primary Elections in all other counties.

Voters who have requested absentee ballots are no longer permitted to vote using a voting machine for that election. If they opt to vote in person, they will be given an affidavit ballot which would be counted after verification that the absentee ballot had not been cast in that election.

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Absentee Voting

In order to vote absentee in New York you must indicate one of the following conditions:

  • You are absent from your county or, if a resident of New York City, absent from the city on Election Day
  • You are unable to appear at the polls due to temporary or permanent illness or disability
  • You are unable to appear at the polls because you are the primary care giver of one or more individuals who are ill or physically disabled
  • You are a patient or inmate in a Veterans' Administration Hospital
  • You are detained in jail awaiting Grand Jury action or confined in prison after conviction for an offense other than a felony

General Information