State of Puerto Rico Voting Requirements & Information

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You can register to vote or update your registration information:

Early Voting

The following categories of voters may be eligible for early or advance voting:

  • The members of the Police of Puerto Rico
  • Corps of the Municipal Police Corps Officers Corrections Administration Corps Officers Youth Services Juvenile Institutions Administration and the Fire Department of Puerto Rico that will be on duty on active duty during the hours of polling
  • Inmates in penal institutions located in Puerto Rico
  • People who are in the custody of the Juvenile Institutions Administration
  • The members of the Commission, the Secretary, Vice-Presidents and Secretaries; alternate commissioners; members of local election commissions, their alternates and members of the boards of permanent registration, as well as employees of the Commission assigned to essential functions on election day, counsel for the Commissioners and Commission staff assigned to Offices of the Electoral Commissioners
  • Employees of private companies contracted by the Commission and employees of government agencies required to provide technical services and support on the day of an election
  • Professionals and health employees who on the day of an election provide essential services during voting hours
  • Journalists and accredited by the State Department who are assigned to work on the day of an election for a media
  • Athletes and members of sports teams affiliated sports federations recognized by the Sports and Recreation Department, who were participating in sports competitions outside of Puerto Rico on Election Day
  • Any professional will travel by reason of their employment on Election Day
  • People who are confined in a hospital or duly authorized health care treatment or long-term and certifying that continue detained the day of the election
  • Judges and judges of the Court of First Instance and the Court of Appeal designated by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for redress of election cases
  • Candidates holding elected office in the election
  • Persons with mobility impairments (bedridden) who qualify as Easy Access Address voters

Absentee Voting

Residents may vote absentee if they satisfy any of the following circumstances:

  • Reside outside Puerto Rico on active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States or the National Guard of Puerto Rico.
  • Study outside Puerto Rico, in any educational institution duly accredited by competent authority of the site located where the institution.
  • Work with the Department of Labor and Human Resources of Puerto Rico to work in the Program of Agricultural Jobs outside Puerto Rico on election day.
  • Outside Puerto Rico in the diplomatic service or foreign aid from the Government of the United States of America or a staff exchange program between the Government of Puerto Rico and a foreign government.
  • The spouses and dependent children or relatives of voters who are in any of the previous four groups.
  • The crew of commercial airlines and merchant marines who are working outside of Puerto Rico on election day.
  • Members of the Police of Puerto Rico and the Corps Officers of the Custody Administration Correction on active duty during the hours of voting, also voters who because of illness or disability, or because of their job, find it impossible to vote.
  • Confinement in penal institutions.
  • Members of the State Elections Commission, Vice-Presidents and Secretaries, Alternate Commissioners, Members of the Local Election Commissions, their alternates and members of the Board of Registration, as well as employees of the State Commission of Elections.

General Information