U.S. Vote Foundation Civic Data API Services

Support for Voter Outreach Organizations and Election Service Developers with US Vote's Comprehensive Election Official Data and Civic Data APIs

U.S. Vote Foundation (US Vote) offers approved voter and election services organizations and developers use of its Election Official Data and Civic Data API resources. These two best-in-class APIs are ready for use. To request an API key, please see instructions below.

Election Official Data and API - available now

U.S. Vote Foundation is the recognized leader in the curation and provision of its Election Official Directory (EOD) data. The EOD Data and API enable developers of voter or election services applications to utilize the data in our comprehensive election jurisdiction database in their own application or website.

Background: The Election Official Directory (EOD) is a highly successful and proven directory application service that Overseas Vote (OVF) pioneered twelve years ago to facilitate overseas and military voter registration and absentee ballot request processing, which is carried out at the local election office level.  Since then, it has become the leading and most comprehensive data source of its kind, used by more than 20 states, associations, campaigns, and voter outreach organizations combined. 

The extensive contact database for 7,825 local election offices supports communications between voters and the local election officials who serve them. Our highly-developed maintenance program gives developers and voter organizations the confidence they require to provide full service applications that use local election office addresses and contact information. Developers and organizations are encouraged to use the data in unique and creative new ways. To see examples of available data in action, please visit the online Election Official Directory.

Election Official Data and API licensees include Rock the Vote, Microsoft BING Elections, Vote.org (Long Distance Voter), Imagitas - A RED Ventures Company R/GA and When.Vote.

Civic Data API - available now

US Vote's Civic Data API brings the State Voting Requirements and Information Data to the Civic Data API resource. You can check our State Voting Requirements and Information directory service on our site to see the rich database of information about voter eligibility, election dates and deadlines, voting regulations, voter materials transmission options, and more.

Available Data includes

  • Election Dates and Deadlines for U.S. Domestic and Overseas Voters – includes date ranges for Early and In-Person Absentee Voting
  • U.S. Domestic Voter Eligibility and Pre-registration
  • Voter ID for Registration
  • Voter ID at the Polls
  • Voting Methods and Options (Domestic and Overseas)
  • Voter Materials Transmission Options (Domestic and Overseas) (10 possible/state) 
  • State Lookup Tools (6 possible/state)
  • Overseas and Military Voter ID and Eligibility
  • Special section on Absentee and Early Voting

Maintained by the Foundation's research team, the State Voting Requirements and Information database contains a treasure trove of data on state-specific voting requirements. Why spend time to research, collect and maintain this highly dynamic data when you can simply use the Civic Data API to bring it into your application or website! No more worries about whether it is up-to-date.

Get Access to the US Vote EOD and Civic Data API today!

To acquire an EOD or Civic Data API license, or to obtain further information, please contact info(at)usvotefoundation.org or call +1 202.470.2480. Please provide the following information with your request:

  • Organization name and URL(s)
  • Short description of intended use of data
  • Contact name, title, phone number and timezone

Price list available on request.

Note: License requests for the EOD and Civic Data APIs are given careful review to ensure that use of the data is aligned with the foundation's purpose to support for voting- and election-related activity.

U.S. Vote Election Official Directory

US Vote's Civic Data used by the personalized artificial intelligence application GoVoteBot created by R/GA and the AdCouncil.


US Vote's Civic Data used by the personalized artificial intelligence application Mayor.