Study Abroad and Vote! Toolkit

This toolkit provides voter outreach promotional tools and information to American students studying abroad. U.S. students carry their right to vote when they go overseas!

Study Abroad program coordinators: here is a guide with suggestions for use of the toolkit materials.

The Study Abroad and Vote! Toolkit includes:

study abroad flyer


“Study Abroad and VOTE!” Flyer

This one-page document provides instructions for how to register and request an overseas absentee ballot in three easy steps.

Print and handout this one-page document to students at the study abroad orientation. Upload the document for students to see on your institution’s webpage. It can also be printed and posted on bulletin boards and in other public spaces.

i voted abroad banner

i voted from overseas banner

 Facebook Cover Photos

These banners are Facebook cover photo size (851 pixels x 315 pixels). Post them to your webpage for students to download and share on their own personal Facebook pages.

i voted from abroad     i voted from overseas

“I Voted” Online Badges

A big favorite of many. Post these badges on your webpage for download by students. They can then post to their personal social media pages to encourage their friends to vote.

register to vote from abroad     register to vote from overseas

Promote the Student Vote - Website Outreach Banners

Post these banners on your website and link them to the Overseas Vote ( website.

study abroad and vote  tear off sheet

"Study Abroad and Vote" - Tear-Off Sheets

Print, pre-cut and post these tear-offs on bulletin boards and in other public spaces. Students can tear off a pre-cut strip with the link to the Overseas Vote website.