iVoteIsrael Debuts New Suite of Overseas Voter Services

Americans in Israel Initiate Aggressive Outreach Program to Register Voters for 2014 Midterm Congressional Elections

JULY 3, 2014, WASHINGTON, D.C. - iVoteIsrael is investing in the latest cutting edge voter services technology in order to assist American voters in Israel to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming midterm congressional elections.

“The connection that voting creates between American citizens in Israel and their native country is unparalleled.  As we celebrate America's Independence Day in Israel, there is no greater right we as Americans in Israel cherish than the right to vote,” stated Matt Solomon, National Director, iVoteIsrael.

 “Given the razor thin margins that have decided the victor in numerous elections, we believe that iVoteIsrael’s outreach to Americans in Israel can impact the outcome in certain midterm election contests,” continued Solomon.   

 “Israeli Americans are very engaged, and we expect this trend to continue for the foreseeable future. There are approximately 160,000 eligible American voters in Israel today and all of them can use these services to register and request their absentee ballots for the November elections,” added Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat, President and CEO of Overseas Vote Foundation (OVF).

In response to the demand from their users, iVoteIsrael licensed an OVF Hosted System Solution, a customized suite of voter services from OVF to run under their own banner at  iVoteIsrael.com.The system offers the full suite of OVF applications, including voter registration and ballot request, Election Official Directory services, State Voter Information Directory services, the Voter Help Desk service, and the Vote-Print-Mail Federal Write-in Absentee ballot.

This new system will feature the My Voter Account (MVA) application, which offers voters a return on their voting effort – allowing them to save their profile data in their own personal democracy dashboard and reuse it to generate new forms with the click of a button. MVA proactively informs voters of need-to-know practical information, such as upcoming election dates and deadlines.

iVoteIsrael’s new Hosted System Solution will feature the newest user interface design developed by OVF for their U.S. Vote Foundation website.

According to Solomon,  “This is a huge step forward for our organization in our voter outreach. Voters will no longer be directed to services from another organization to request their ballots. They will now have the complete suite of voter services from ballot request through to an iVoteIsrael Voter Help Desk available to meet their needs."

The new system launches today, and voters are invited to visit it at:


About  iVoteIsrael
iVoteIsrael, a non-partisan organization, founded in 2012,  is focused on assisting U.S. citizens residing in Israel to exercise their constitutional right to vote in federal elections in the U.S.  iVoteIsrael educates American citizens of their voting rights, and streamlines the process for registering, requesting, and submitting ballots in accordance with federal/state/local requirements.

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