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Instantly Answer Voters Who Ask: "Can I Vote Absentee?"


It's the top question. And now you have the answer with the new CIVA Widget from U.S. Vote Foundation!

Absentee ballots make the difference in so many races. Why not make it easier to vote absentee? The first step is to help people find out that they can apply for an absentee ballot and to get them to the right, state-specific form.


Use the CIVA widget to interactively inform everyone who comes across your website and social media channels with an answer to the question – Can I Vote Absentee?


The new CIVA Widget gets voters to an Answer + Action path in seconds. Voter can select their state and click to find absentee options for their state.

Widgets are small pieces of HTML code that you can embed in your blogs, pages, and websites. Help voters to access the convenience of absentee voting with U.S Vote Foundation’s absentee voter services! Post the CIVA Widget to your social media pages.


To add the Can I Vote Absentee widget to your site, copy the iframe code below and paste it in the desired location on your page.


<iframe frameborder=0 scrolling=no width=300 height="250" src=""/>