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Are you wondering: "Can I Vote Absentee?"


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Your voice matters - your vote counts. Don't let the fact that you might not be able to get to the polls stop you from voting. Make it easy with absentee voting! Get your ballot sent to your mailbox and access the convenience of 'vote-by-mail' starting today.


Use the CIVA widget to answer to the question – Can I Vote Absentee? and then access your state's absentee ballot request form. Do it now!


The new CIVA Widget gets you to an Answer + Action path in seconds. Select your state and click to find your absentee options.

With so many elections being decided by just a few ballots, you can't take the risk of not casting yours. Perhaps you are busy, working, studying, parenting, traveling or simply unable to access the polling place? Vote by Mail with an absentee ballot and access real convenience in voting. All you need to do register to vote, if you are not already registered, and then your absentee ballot request. You can access all of the services you need, right here on the US Vote website.


Are you also interested in reaching out and informing others? Get the Widget!

You can use the Can I Vote Absentee widget to reach out to other voters from your own website. Widgets are small pieces of HTML code that you can embed in your blogs, pages, and websites. Help voters to access the convenience of absentee voting with U.S Vote Foundation’s absentee voter services! Post this link ( to the live CIVA Widget to your social media pages, and inform your friends.


To add the working Can I Vote Absentee live widget to your site, copy the iframe code below and paste it in the desired location on your page.


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