HELP! Voter Help Desk - Top 2018 Voter Questions and Answers

We are so happy that people love our Voter Help Desk on US Vote and Overseas Vote. You seem to love us a LOT right now:-) We answer all questions individually and personally. Here are the top questions and answers we've been getting - if you have a question - check this list, you may find your answer right here!


Did I miss the deadline to….?

You can check your state's deadlines (there may be several) for the upcoming election in our Election Dates and Deadlines directory.

You can also check for different ways your state allows you to send in voting materials (like registration and ballot request forms) under the Voter Materials Transmission Options section of the State Voting Requirements directory.


Am I Registered?

You can check your registration status through each state's look up service.

Go to the the State Voting Requirements directory and click into State Look Up Tools - you will see your state's "Am I Registered?" link at the top of the list.


Where’s my Vote-by-Mail (absentee) ballot?

Good that you want to check it!

You can go here to our State Voting Requirements directory: Look up your state and open the "State Lookup Tools" section. There you will see a "Where's My Ballot" link as well - if your state offers it.

If the above suggestion does not work, you will need to look up and call your election office - they manage ballot sending and counting. Look them up in the Election Official Directory.


I have a question about my vote-by-mail absentee ballot....

Please direct all ballot questions to your local election office - they are in charge of all aspects of your ballot. (Except of course the voting part!:-)

You can look up election office addresses and contact information in the Election Official Directory.


How much postage – what stamp do I put on my vote-by-mail ballot?

If the instructions that came with the ballot did not indicate the postage or tell you that there is a ballot drop box, then please take your ballot to a post office to get correct postage and a postmark to show the date you mailed it. I know, I know, but you got this far - please take this very last step to the finish line!


Do I need to vote for all of the races on the ballot?

You can vote for any or all contests you would like. You certainly are not required to complete the entire ballot.


Can I vote online?

There is no online voting in the US. It has not been proven secure. You might hear claims about secure this and secure that, but it is hype. Every vote counts and unfortunately there is no 100% assurance that an online voting system won’t be hacked. (Note: online banking suffers billions in losses. You pay for those losses. There is not price high enough to pay for a lost vote.)

Sorry, but this is one area where “low tech” is actually better….! Really. (Sorry, Vlad!)

You can check all the ways you can transmit voting materials in your state here (there are options!): scroll down to Voter Materials Transmission Options to see them all.


When are absentee vote-by-mail ballots mailed out?

This can vary by state.

You can go to the State Voting Requirements page: enter your state and hit Submit.

Scroll down and click on State Lookup Tools. The link should take you to your state's service that will look up your voter registration status. If you are an active voter, it should indicate that.

There may also be a “Where's My Ballot” service from your state (not all of them have this). It will be located there. There may also be a “Can I View my Sample Ballot” option if your state offers this.

If you don’t get an answer there, click on the “State Elections Website” and see if the information is posted there.

Lastly, you can call your election office.


How do I change my party affiliation for the November election?

The upcoming November election is a “General Election” and does not require you to be affiliated with any party - everyone gets the same ballot.

(Parties do matter in Primaries, which are intended to choose the candidates for the party and are conducted earlier in the year.)

If you want to change your party for the next Primaries in 2020re-submit a voter registration form next year with your desired party indicated.


I never received my Voter Card – what do I do?

A Voter Card is useful, but it is not required to vote. You can see other ID options for your state in our State Voting Requirements directory.

Please contact your election office to ask about your Voter Card. You can look up election office addresses and contact information in the Election Official Directory.


How do I find the address to mail my form?

You can look up election office addresses and contact information in the Election Official Directory.