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Here's where you can find in-depth information on relevant voting topics. We tackle ballot return options, absentee and vote-by-mail ballot processes, in-person and early voting options and more.

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National Disability Voting Rights Week - Guest Blog - Issue 6.

Voting is one of the most important rights, privileges, and responsibilities we have as Americans, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and physical or mental ability. Your vote is your voice on who you want to represent you on local, state, and national levels and your voice on issues important to you.

Collectively, all voters including voters with disabilities can influence policies and impact outcomes that affect our families, our children, and our neighbors.


National Disability Voting Rights Week - Guest Blog - Issue 5.

It’s already challenging to increase voting in rural communities, but increasing the rural disability vote is even more difficult. While increasing voter turnout is challenging everywhere, issues specific to rural voting must be confronted to effectively implement a voting strategy in these less populated areas.

These strategies can be used in your rural community too...

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National Disability Voting Rights Week - Guest Blog - Issue 4.

Knowing just what you want to say, but getting wrong words. Lots of wrong words or no words at all. THAT’S aphasia.

We all experience getting stuck for words once in a while. When it happens, our sentences may sound funny or be filled with hesitations. We may laugh, we may get frustrated. We may ask for help. We may Google the word. Sometimes we give up. This is what people with aphasia do, too.

For most of us, these momentary glitches are just that, glitches...